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Six Steps to library services for blind and partially sighted people

In a UK-wide effort to improve access for blind and partially sighted people, public libraries have adopted six important simple steps that will ensure everyone can use their library. For the two million blind and partially sighted people in the UK this will be a lifeline to the leisure, learning and information resources that public libraries offer.

Included in the six steps initiative are collections of accessible digital, large print and audio books, having a library champion for the reading needs of blind and partially sighted people, and making sure that technology in libraries is accessible to all.

Six steps to library services for blind and partially sighted people is a joint initiative by Libraries Connected, the Scottish Library & Information Council and Share the Vision.

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Share the Vision provides workshops and online training through the Libraries Connected Learning Pool.

Face to Face workshops are offered on an occasional basis at locations around the United Kingdom to provide simple background to the Six Steps promise, the accessibility of local libraries and an insight into the changing technology which supports people who live with sight loss and other visual disabilities.

The Six Steps Online module gives public library staff in authorities who are members of Libraries Connected an online programme which can be undertaken at any time and in their own workplace.  The module covers basic eye conditions and reasons for sight loss, advice on organisations who can help with support and tips on how to make your library and your events accessible to more people.

More information about Libraries Connected and the Universal Offers and Promises can be found at

Current Awareness

Share the Vision provides a fortnightly Bulletin which contains links and updates to new items, new products and new developments surrounding libraries, reading and sight loss available free of charge to all.

Reading Sight

Reading Sight was created by RNIB in collaboration with partners to be the single and authoritative place to find out about reading for people with sight loss and is now managed by Share the Vision.

It was launched in June 2009 at the Umbrella Conference.

Reading Sight is a free resource for library staff, teachers, rehabilitation workers and anyone who supports people with sight loss to continue reading.

Reading Sight is the place to find information on:

  •  Legislation and policy relating to reading with sight loss;
  • Organisations that provide reading resources and services for people with sight loss;
  • Accessible formats - what they are and where to find them;
  • Accessible buildings and equipment;
  • Staff and volunteer training and development.

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