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Consultations and Responses

Current Consultations:

January 2015: STV's Response to the Independent Libraries Report for England

June 2014: Welsh Public Libraries Review

May 2014: Proposed Abolition of the Advisory Council on Libraries

March 2014: Labour Party Copyright Review

March 2014: Public Libraries: What do you think?

March 2014: Extension of the Public Lending Right to Rights Holders of Books in Non-Print Formats

February 2014: Public Consulation on the review of the EU copyright rules

November 2012: Independent Panel on e-lending in libraries

November 2012: Consultation to Refresh the UK Vision Strategy

November 2012: RNIB Strategy 2012

October 2012: SCL position on e-book lending in libraries

September 2012: CILIP ebook Lending

July 2012: Digital Copyright Exchange

July 2012: Copyright the future

Closed Consultation Responses:


March 2012: All-Party Intellectual Property Group: Inquiry into the role of Government in protecting and promoting intellectual propery

March 2012: IPO Consultation on Copyright

February 2012: Public consultation with a view to a European Accessibility Act

February 2012: Culture, Media & Sport Committee: inquiry into library closures

November 2011: National Occupational Standards for Publishing Industry

October 2011: Review of informal adult and community learning: Response from Share the Vision

October 2011: UKIPO consultation on a proposed international instrument on limitations and exceptions for persons with print disabilities

June 2011: UN Convention on Rights for Disabled People: Comments from Share the Vision

June 2011: DCAL proposal to cut its grant to the Library and Information Services Commission: Northern Ireland

April 2011: Review of Statutory Duties placed on Local Government: Comments from Share the Vision.

April 2011: Libraries Inspire:
response from Share the Vision

October 2010: IFLA Manifesto for Print Disabled People.
Comments from Share the Vision

June 2010: BS 8878: 2010 Web accessibility: code of practice response of Share the Vision

March 2010: School Library Commission: response of Share the Vision

February 2010: Legal deposit of UK offline and online non-print publications: response of Share the Vision

January 2010: Empower, inform, enrich: response of Share the Vision

September 2009: What Constitutes a High Quality Public Library Service?

Archives for the 21st Century

APPG: Inquiry into the governance and leadership of the public library service in England

Copyright in a digital world: what role for a Digital Rights Agency?

Digital Britain: interim report

UK IPO Copyright the Future

Web accessibility - Building accessible experiences for disabled people - Code of practice
Draft BS 8878: 2009

Government consultation on digital inclusion

November 2008: EC green paper on copyright in the knowledge economy

September 2008: EC public consultation on web accessibility

May 2008: RNIB emerging strategy 2009-14: Feedback from National Library Service

May 2008: Informal Adult Learning Consultation.

April 2008: Gowers Review of Intellectual Property: proposed changes to copyright exceptions

January 2008: The New Place Survey Consultation.

January 2008: UK Vision Strategy - feedback questionnaire

December 2007: Local Government National Indicator Set Technical Handbook.

July 2007: Northern Ireland Libraries Bill.

From this page you may access our responses to national and international consultations.

STV is pleased to advise governments or other policy making organizations on any issues that might affect the development and delivery of library and information services to blind and partially sighted people.

Responses are available as Microsoft Word Files.

Each document will open in a new window. Please close the window to return to this page.

If you would like to contribute to our response to any current consultation, please contact Kelly Naulty,

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